Delicate Sourdough Sandwich Bread – Milk and Pop

Made with enriched dough and a bubbly starter, this Delicate Sourdough Sandwich Bread has a skinny crust and the right delicate inside. A secret ingredient helps to tone down the pure tanginess of the sourdough, making this loaf a scrumptious selection for sandwiches.

Sourdough sandwich bread on a wooden board, fluffy interior showing.

This sandwich bread is certainly one of my favorites when making sourdough French toast! And for those who’re searching for extra sourdough breads which can be excellent for French toast and sandwiches, it’s essential do that no-knead sourdough brioche.

Sourdough doesn’t have to be laborious! When you’re having issues baking with it, I’ve the simplest sourdough artisan loaf for freshmen.